How old is old?

Until recently, no one had any idea how old the history of Turkey was. Now we know better. About 200 miles to the southeast of Bursa is the site of the second oldest city ever discovered (the oldest is Jericho in Palestine).  In fact, most archeologists think the first cities were created in the area of the Tigris-Euphrates valley.  Of course, urban sprawl didn’t amount to much more than the total area of Pancake, Texas, but it was the first time that people came together and depended on trade for their existence.

In any case, the name given to the dig is Çatal Höyük. Archeologists think it was first inhabited sometime before 7,500 BC!  That’s four thousand years plus before the pyramids were built and 3500 years before Stonehenge was erected.

The houses weren’t much more than mud huts, but they were still grouped together for the first time in known history.  (There’s always room for more known)
On the wall of one of the houses in Çatal Höyük is a map of the settlement and it is credited with being the earliest map ever discovered.  Sit back and think about it for a minute.  Credible evidence of a community existing 100+ generations before the Egyptians hired Judeans to design their tombs.

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