Fair warning: Tomorrow I’m going to write a short history of Turkey. The reason for my writing is to give me a better understanding of the country in which I’m living (and can’t supply hot water). You want to stick around, please do so.

Note: Had another one of the serendipitous encounters today. I have stopped at a small restaurant once or twice to buy takeaway and had talked with the proprietor (a Syrian emigré). Today, because my phone wasn’t working I asked him to listen to the message that I was getting when I tried to call. He did. He said (OK, I’m sort of paraphrasing) that I had no time left on the SIM. I asked, “Where do I go?” \

He closed the restaurant (really) led me a block up the street to a phone shop (a longer story) and helped me with the shop owner until my phone, once again, worked.

We returned up the street and he reopened the restaurant. (Of course, I ate there. What kind of fool do you think I am?)

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