I have tried to post some videos of my classes the last two days, but my internet connection is slow here in the Ötel Açelya. I’ll have to wait until I’m in my apartment for a faster connection (I hope). The last four days have been, at the very least, interesting.

On Thursday and Friday, I traveled 20 miles away from Bursa to a university town in Görükle to teach university students from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The students were extremely interested in learning, but throwing me into their midest was tiring on all of us. Ride back via bus and subway was 2 hours. Really makes for a wonderful day.

The next two days, I was up at 6:00 to prepare for level 1 students (who turned out to be 10 to 15 years agewise). They were great students, but have little or no English. They are stuck with me for four hours, but we all made it. The most interesting part, for me, was that many of their parent were outside the classroom waiting to see what miracles I performed.

I don’t think I performed any, but some of the parents (after the first break), smiled at me. So, I don’t think we’re missing their expectations. The real problem is that the books they are given are for adults. Most of the kids of pretty smart, but the text book is built for adults. The school has mislaid (or whatever) the books I sent that would alleviate the problem.

What’s really fun is the teacher mix. Four Americans, two Syrians, one Ghanian, one Nigerian, one Australian, and (until today) one South African. Half of us are Turkish speakers, but I’m in the other half. The staff is Turkish and most do not speak English. It’s an interesting mix of people, but they are are helpful and considerate of us dimwits.

There is a canteen that caters to everyone that’s staffed by a couple that have figured out that very strong tea is my starter of choice.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll be in an aparment. Forgive me for putting all of this down as stream of thought, but it helps me figure out what’s what.

As it develops . . .

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