I FOUND A SANDWICH SHOP! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re cast adrift a long, long way from Subway, there’s reason to celebrate. It was not another kófte (see previous) nor another red meat oriented something, but a real sandwich, sort of.

What was fun was the interaction between me and the shop owner. As usual these days, I pointed at what I hoped was a sandwich on his outside menu board and he asked a couple of questions to which I had no answers – having no ear for what he asked – I just grunted. Apparently, sounding like a pig gets you what you want.

He insisted that I closely observe his sandwich assembly process – which I did. He explained the process in detail (and I have no idea what he said). First, cut half of a loaf off, split it, and grill it in a press. Then, he pushed the bread against his spit to absorb some of the juices, shaved some of the meat off and put it on the bread. Layered a tomato, cucumber, onion mix on and topped with mayo and a red sauce. Put the whole thing back in the press and voila – sandwich. He packed in two pieces of wrap and handed it to me. Sent me away for 2.4 L (about a $1)

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