I overheard an interesting conversation at the Austin airport the other day. Seems like it was a month ago — oh, it was. There were a couple of GOB’s sitting behind me, and they were deep into observation/conversation about a young woman passing by our gate. I can’t remember the whole conversation, but I’ll pretend I remembered enough to place the conversation in quotes:

GOB1, “Would you look at that?”

GOB2 “Whut”

“That girl’s wearing shoes with mile-high heels. How the hell does she walk? Nobody can walk in shoes like that.”

“Dunno, seems kind of dumb.”

“Yeah, they have no purpose ‘cept to put you up higher then you really are.”

“And looky, they’re made out of some weird lizardly-looking stuff.”

“Ya think the only reason for those shoes is so you can brag about wearing something that’s the final resting place of extinct things?”

“I’ll bet they’re cold in the winter.”

“Yeah, and hot in summer.”

“It’s funny how gals will wear footwear with no practical use, you know?”

“Yeah, by the way, how’s them new cowboy boots?”

“Great, they’re Peruvian Ice Lizard and worth the $2500.00. You can’t get ‘gator no more.”

“Damned guvmint. Don’t them boys up in Warshington know how important a good boot is?”

“Dunno. Whoop, they’re calling our seats. Let’s go. I gotta get these damned things off before my feet secede.”

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