Istanbul and Beyond — The Beginning

HeadShotRMSGetting ready to embark on an upcoming trip to Turkey. Murphy will not be left alone this time. She’s been adopted by a couple in San Antonio — and I hope she’s fat and happy. (She’s definitely fat – my bad; and happy will come with the food).

So far, I’ve gotten shots (here and there), visa, €, £, ₣, and Turkish Lira cash and Debit cards. So, I’m as ready as can be – except for packing.  But check this out: My flight leaves Austin on September 17. I fly first to Dallas, then to Houston, then to Miami, then to London, then to Istanbul.  You want to bet what kind of shape  I’ll be in?  Luckily, I’ll be met at Ataturk airport (named after, uh, guess) by a representative of my employer.  (See

Just finished shipping school-related books to englishtime in Istanbul. Three medium boxes — cost me $Bunches. But, it would take a Sultan’s ransom (how much you figure that is?) to buy (if I could get Amazon to ship to me) them again from my destination.

Eventually, I’ll be in the city of Izmit to the east of Istanbul. In the next post, I’ll try for a short history of that city, Turkey, and the English language — or not. Later . . .

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One Response to Istanbul and Beyond — The Beginning

  1. N Weinberg says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.


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