Wait A Minute! Or so . . .

Yesterday was . . . well, it was . . . long.
Annie’s flight arrived essentially on time. It was scheduled for 11:40 AM arrival and actually landed at 12:20. So far, so good. Annie’s Canadian contact, Amy (who works with immigrants) told me to expect Annie to be out of immigration in about an hour.
She was off by three hours! Ms. Li finally clumped out of the immigration hall at 4:40. Bob, by this time, had leaned, sat, walked, and plopped on every available surface and body part.
Discouraged, down-at-the-mouth, angry? Yes, I was all of those, but not Annie – She was bubbling with excitement and anticipation. She, for the first time in her 30 years, was NOT IN CHINA!
I would like to say that her enthusiasm and joy were contagious, but Bob was having daydreams of that soft, air-conditioned Jeep seat.
So, Annie called Tom and Bob and Annie tried to push her 18 over-filled bags to the parking lot (which was, thank the gods, just 100 yards away). OK, OK, there were just three, but they massed 18, or seemed so to me.
Out onto the highway and into the evening rush (which apparently begins 5 minutes after the morning rush) and to the motel which had moved 50 miles east from its location in the morning.
We got Annie moved in and got ready to go eat. She told me that she needed some “things” from a store – and after a consultation with our hostess decided that Wal-Mart was our best bet (I’ve learned, over the years, to never inquire what “things” are needed.), and we set out looking for Wal-Mart.
First, Bernice (being the temporary name of that voice coming from the navigation display that screams “U-Turn! U-Turn!” all the time) wouldn’t take the address. Then, when we got to the destination, it wasn’t there. I mean, the street address was there, but Wal-Mart wasn’t. Luckily, it had moved only a few blocks down and earnest inquiry of several street bums gave up the location.
It’s comforting, in a strange sort of way, to watch/hear someone who knows a language, but has never dealt with a language in its home environment, deal with that language’s real-life differences. Annie kept turning to me when talking with Wal-Mart employees, asking “What did he/she say?” I could only answer, “How the hell should I know, he/she’s speaking Canadian English!”
We ended the evening at a restaurant across the street from Wal-Mart (Chinese, of course. I mean, why not travel 9000+ miles just to eat your native cuisine?).
Tomorrow should be another adventure. We go to the Royal Bank of Canada for Annie to “pick up” her credit/debit cards. It ought to be interesting.

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One Response to Wait A Minute! Or so . . .

  1. Sharon M Wilson says:

    I get so many laughs out of your stories about your travels. You have a clever way of making me feel I am there.

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