I dislike packing. Too many decisions that prove to be wrong. I spend as much time repacking as I do prepacking. But, I finished. Loaded up and went out the door.

The first day spent in making my way out of Texas and across Oklahoma. Not much to report except that north of Oklahoma City (on I35), there is only one rest stop.

Stopped in Salina, Kansas for the night. Funny thing happened on the way to Kansas. I stopped for gas and, as usual, got out the squeegee to clean the dead bugs off the windshield. Sloshed the water on the glass and turned over the squeegee to rake the water off. Couldn’t do it! Tried again, but the squeegee wouldn’t move across the windshield. Tried again, and watched more closely. By the time I sloshed the water and turned over the squeegee, the windshield was dry. I finally figured out a way to clean the windshield by doing only one row at a time. Never had that happen, but it was a 104F and windy.

Distracted by something and took a wrong turn that had me staying on I35.  I35 does not go north out of Wichita, Kansas, but I135 does.  Cost me 50 miles but back on track.

Through Colorado tomorrow.

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One Response to Packing

  1. Sharon M Wilson says:

    I so agree with packing. I pack as lightly as possible.

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