Fashion Sense?


I’m going to do a long article showing the school “fashions” and hair styles, but I ran across this while taking photos this morning.  I am continually amazed at a Chinese woman’s desire to wobble along on spindly high heels—at all times, everywhere, for everything.  Here, we also have a rara avis in that she has changed her hair color and is wearing a pork pie hat—not usual garb.

More Fashion?

The campus also abounds with legs covered by a variety of hosiery.  The prevailing fashion for the teenage girls is a short (very short) skirt (or long sweater) and leotards in a variety of shades and colors.  If I were 40 years younger, I would have passed out months ago.

The other prevailing fashion is from the Technical School.  They, in direct contrast to the kids in the QQ school, wear a track suit uniform.  These uniforms, just by themselves, are as flattering as a track suit it.  But, just to make sure, it seems that everyone has a suit that’s two sizes too big.

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2 Responses to Fashion Sense?

  1. Sharon M Wilson says:

    I model in a lot of fashion shows…but nothing like this!!! and I might add Thank Goodness.

  2. david martin says:

    Follow me.

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