Bob Has Class

I have been assigned 16 classes and 7 teachers.  The classes range from primary school to high school.  I have a class in each grade of the Primary School, grades 1 through 5, and two classes in Middle School, grades 6 and 7.  I meet the Middle School classes twice a week (at my suggestion), and that is having an effect on their English, according to their teacher, Ms. Zhou.  I meet with all five classes in the 10th grade.  No classes with the 11th or 12th grade.  On Mondays, I teach what the school call “The English Corner” which is a two-hour class of kids from grades 1 through 5 who want extra English.  It’s a strange class because of the age mixture, and I don’t think it’s particularly effective.  But since they pay me the big bucks . . .

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One Response to Bob Has Class

  1. Marilyn says:

    “Bob Has Class”…always has, always will.

    Thanks for the travelogue, the history, biographies, and the current events. It is fun to experience China through your eyes.

    Joe says hello, too. Take care.

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