A Caveat

What follows is a narrative, a story.  (And my Daddy used to say, “Don’t let them damn facts get in the way of a good yarn”)  So, take what you read with a small grain of salt.  I write to both inform and entertain – you’ll have to decide which it is that you’re reading.

Now, having said that, you’re also warned that many of the characters in this blog are real people who have been caricatured for the reasons given.  But some are not.  For example, in the next entry, I talk about my friend and coordinator, Jack Lie.  He has the characteristics that I outline, but I’ve pushed his character to the limit.

With this small warning, on with it.

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One Response to A Caveat

  1. Andy & Mary Anderson says:

    Finally! Keep us posted — will ignore the facts, but send more pictures.

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